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Remi Ashten Cruz was born on February 7th, 1995 in Anaheim Hills, California. She is best known for her platform on Youtube as a beauty guru and personal vlogger. Remi has a main channel called MissRemiAshten, which has over 2m subscribers. She also has a vlog channel that currently has over 915,000 subscribers.

Early LifeEdit

Remi currently lives in an apartment in Los Angeles California. She is Korean-American. Remi started dancing when she was five years old. When she was younger, Remi was on a dance team and she competed in many competitions. Remi's videos of her dancing is what got her noticed on YouTube. She still loves to dance but today her videos are most popular for beauty and vlogging. She attended the University of California, Riverside. She studied Psychology and was part of the Delta Gamma sorority.In 2016 Remi's vlog channel she participated in Vlogmas, a series of daily vlogs for the month of December. Her subscribers were able to connect with her and follow her around in her busy daily life. Vlogmas turned out to be a great hit, everyone gave great feedback and the vlogs got many views. Her subscribers wanted her to continuing daily vlogging for the next month. Her choice to daily vlog has payed off. Remi now has a constantly growing vlog channel that is well know in the YouTube community. 

Latest activityEdit

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